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About Strong Password Generating Tool

This Tool is absolutely free and very easy to use. Our Online Password Generator will create for you as many variants as you need, so you can generate only one password in case you don't need more or create numerous passwords in just one click! Frankly speaking, we did not count the maximum number of one-time generating but after we entered 999 into the field, the result was exciting: simply try, anyway it is for free :). If you wish, you can even count the results one by one :). Thank you in advance :) So you do not need to choose password lenght, include or exclude symbols, and click many times to generate password combinations – this passord generator works "number of combinations you need" times easier!

Ok, as now you know that you can generate numerous passwords at once, we will go on and tell you about the password length. It can vary from 6 (nobody needs such passwords anymore, but this can be a good idea for memory training) and up to 50 characters. In the process of searching for a script, that will be the best for our Free Tools Network, we spotted one that can create twice stronger, up to 100 characters, passwords (take a look at it), and even the superstrong password generator script that was able to create 15000 (maybe even more, but we tried up to 15k and checked with Word Counter:))) characters password (see that Monster). Whatever, as we liked this design (and were too lazy to edit the .css file) the best and moster-tool is too much (even the perversion) we decided to install this one. So since now, you can use this instrument 24/7 (excluding the time when the server goes to maintenance :)). 

All other password generator features of this script, such as Copy button, are standard for almost every instrument of this type. Of course, as it can generate numerous passwords at once, it is unable (not needed) to create them on-the-fly (like this password generator does). Also, because of its extra features, it cannot be so easily integrated into a website page (like this jQuery version). But the last one can generate a password with 20 characters max, creating a 30-characters password on the fly is about nothing against of possibility creating hundreds with just one click and this Strong Password Generator by Business Booster Agency generates much better passwords than most of the others and in addition, it is nice, not like this ugly password generating tool.

How to generate passwords with our tool

To generate numerous passwords (5 by default) with 6-50 characters long (by default set to 12) you have to make from 1 to 6 (of course, if you are not going to increase/decrease the numbers of passwords to generate with more/fewer arrows:)))) So here is your step-by-step instruction to generate a password for any of your needs:

  1. Choose the number of characters (the password strength) from 6 to 50 using the ribbon.
  2. Include or exclude special characters from the output results (by default this option is set to Include).
  3. Include or exclude numbers from the output results (by default this option is set to Exclude). Leave this unchanged if you hate numbers :))
  4. Include or exclude uppercase characters from the output results (by default this option is set to Exclude). Leave this unchanged if you think that the uppercase letters are ugly. Anyway, in the future, you can use this Case Converter Tool to play with your new password :)))
  5. At last, click on the button named Generate some strong passwords for me.

That's it. Enjoy using your newly generated strong passwords and visit other websites of our Free Tools Network to benefit from other useful instruments (check footer links). As well, we welcome you on our Business Booster Agency website, maybe one of our services is exactly what you need :)


Common, This password-generating tool has a pretty design (if you didn't follow the link to that ugly script, you can do this now (here is the link) and ensure that our instrument is nice). Also, it is very featured and can create numerous passwords with one click (this one can't, remember?), In addition, the Strong Password Generator by Business Booster Agency (yep, this one and just like our weaker tool from the Free Web Tools bundle) cannot generate Monster long passwords, like this perversion script and is not easy to integrate into a website page that contains other data (for example a Sign-Up or Check-Out page of an online store). So if you're a developer and deal with some eCommerce websites right now, you should take a look at the mentioned jQuery Password Generator with easy installation.

Features. As well we can underline that our Strong Password Generator can create passwords for any need as it can make a weak password of only 6 characters which is good to start a memory training (sorry, the tool is unable to create 4 or even 2 character password :)))) to 50 characters long strong password that is almost unreal to pick (of course, it is possible if you have a supercomputer and hundreds of years to wait for the result :)))). Each generated by our tool password may contain numbers, lower- and uppercase letters, and special characters so you can choose what exactly you need (as you may know, some apps and websites are unable to recognize some symbols and others (like some PHP codes) may understand a part of your password like the end of the script... A good example is misunderstandings between Yii and ' the character).

Usability. The password generator is extremely easy to use as before it will provide you with the created data, you just have to make 1-6 mouse clicks and enter a number of the output password versions on your keyboard. In addition, all these hundreds of generated passwords can be copied with an additional mouse click, so globally you do not have to use the keyboard at all.

Enjoy ;)

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Some examples how Strong Password Generator can help you in daily online activity

We understand that as you are on this page, probably you already know that you're going to generate a strong password for some reason. Whatever the text in this section may inspire you to generate more passwords to use them for the needs that are described below. Also, we cannot exclude that you read all these texts just for fun, so we begin :). Ok, here are some examples we picked for your fun or needs. Using our Strong Password Generator by Business Booster Agency you can:

  • Create a password for Excel. If you prefer to use software from Microsoft and didn't try offline alternatives like EmEditor, or cloud-based ones, then you may like to make the results of your work safer and protect the worksheet with a password. Of course, using Excel formulas can help you with this, but it is many times easier and will save you some time if you will generate password for excel sheet using the Strong Password Generator by Business Booster Agency. You can do this with one click and for all of your worksheets at once. And if you bookmark this page, you will be able to come and generate a good password in a second,
  • Generate password for Gmail (Yahoo mail, AOL mail, or any other email service). As you may know, the Google Chrome browser (but old versions) has a built-in password generator. Of course, this is not the only software that provides such a useful feature to its users (i. e. Opera and others do), but in case your browser doesn't have a built-in password generator or you need something more versatile/don't like the length or else, you can revisit this page (the easiest way is to bookmark it) and create password for email service you use, either generate a good password for any other need like the website where you may freelance,
  • Create a password for folder. There is no difference in what kind of device and operating system you use,  as folders surround us in Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, etc. To stay protected and make your documents (or some private pictures) unavailable for others, you may want to create password for folder with such sensitive work files or videos (or even another file, where you store password to your website builder account). Our service is a great idea to do this as with only one click you can bulk generate password combinations for folders, web accounts, and anything else. So bookmark our Strong Password Generator as this tool is very useful and convenient, and this simple action will provide you with an opportunity to generate a good password within a few seconds.
  • Generate password for a smartphone. In modern life we keep a lot of data not only on our PSs, laptops, cloud storage, and flash drives but also a lot of files are being kept on smartphones and tablets. Such sensitive data as contacts and private pictures need to be safe, for this reason this is a must to generate a strong password for the devices you use. f course, if you are going to generate a good password (a strong enough one) and use it to protect your smartphone or tablet, you have to train your memory. Whatever bookmark our Strong Password generator as this tool is vital for modern people, extremely for those who work from smartphones/tablets (i. e. SMM managers who work with specialized social marketing platforms),
  • Create password for PDF. We hope you're in good company and never met a thief, but to keep your files safe is such a vital story as to keep safe your home. Why? Let's imagine a situation when you created a resume and is going to apply for a job, but it is Friday evening now and your interview is planned for Monday morning. More than 2 days is a lot of time and if your flash drive with your resume will be stolen on Sunday you will lose this job opportunity. Of course, if you are subscribed to such a resource, all you need is to log in and download a new file, but what if you created it using the OTG port of your tablet? Sorry, this is a bad example of a PDF-file security case. Here's another one (shortly): your chief is awaiting tomorrow's report and the prize is a career rising. Your competitor, a bad colleague, is interested in stealing this data as you are more proficient. If he will get access to your unprotected PDF - he will win this run, so you should better use an online PDF editor and log out from it after each session. As well, you can use a specialized tool to encrypt and decrypt PDF files.. Also, this is a perfect decision to bookmark this page and create password for PDF as well as generate a good password for any need in a few simple actions.
  • Generate password for Windows 11 (any version, of course), Linux Ubuntu (Mint, CentOS, etc), and other operating systems accounts (such as access to your very featured website). In the XXI century computers are a part of human identity (at least for those, who read this text) so we keep a lot of data on our drives (no matter, HDD, SSD, or M2). Work or home PC is at risk until you generate a good password for your account and this tool is ready to help. Bookmark it in your favorite browser and use it every time when you need to generate password for Windows, your cloud account, or MS Excel worksheet. It is easy to use, versatile and this why is very convenient.
  • Create password for UAN/EPFO. Whoops. No, this tool will not help you with this :(( We know that it is very sad, but such passwords cannot be generated in such a way,,, As this is not a blog page of any of our websites we cannot explain to you in detail how to generate a password for EPFO either how to create a password for UAN. If this information is vital for you, please keep an eye on our blog pages. All our websites are listed on our Free Tools Network page.

If one or more of these examples inspired you to create a password for additional needs, please scroll to the top of this page and generate as many variants, as you want. Otherwise, you can keep this information in your mind and keep reading, as some more interesting text is awaiting you below this section.

Some useful adviices on how to protect your accounts/passwords and stay safe

Some people don't know these things, others - don't remember. So we prepared for you some tips for protecting your passwords and data. If you remember and do these simple things, you will avoid future headaches for your safety.

  1. When you generate a good password it must have at least 12 characters long (this is preset by us as a default length). Remember, that passwords that have less than 8 characters are poor and quite easy to pick by fraud software.
  2. Never use your date of birth, ZIP postal code, and personal data as your password. Suck one can be easily picked by people, that surround you, so better bookmark our website and generate a good password each time you need it.
  3. Remember all passwords you use on a daily basis. For this, you have to train memory. If it is not ready to store such big data, start from shorter values. So you can use our strong password generator to create passwords not only for your accounts but also for memory training. You can also generate a good password and remember it. In this case, all the additional ones you can add to password storage.
  4. Avoid using words in your password. As you could see, our and similar tools always use random symbols in order to generate a good password for you. On our Strong Password Generator by Business Booster Agency web page as well as on other websites you will never spot a password like "Spider54!91maN".
  5. After you finished working on the website or computer, always sign out from your account. This tip is extremely important if you worked on a public computer. Closing a web browser is not enough as all your sensitive data can stay stored in that software cache.
  6. Change all of your passwords from time to time. There is no guarantee that nobody will find out your existing password by using fraud software. On this page, you can generate numerous passwords with one click and set them one by one to protect all of your accounts at once.
  7. Every time you feel that your password could be stolen, immediately change it. If you will bookmark this Strong Password Generator by Business Booster Agency, you will be able to generate a good password and set it for an account in a few seconds.
  8. Update your browsers when it is available. If you use Google Chrome, you will see the announcement in the top right corner (instead of dots) so click on it and restart Chrome. Other web browsers update in a similar way. Note! This will not only add new features and expand your browsing experience. Developers care about security so most of the updates are security ones.
  9. In modern life we use our notebooks, tablets, and smartphones everywhere: at home, work, cafes, and parks. You should create a habit to lock your device every time you don't use it as this will increase your security slightly.
  10. Install the antivirus and antimalware software on all your computers and laptops. The best will be to choose some complex solution like Watchdog.


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What is secure password?

This is always a strong password. And what is a strong pass­word? This is the one, that is very hard or even almost impossible to pick by frauds. Any strong password contains many characters of all types (special symbols, numbers, lower- and uppercase letters). Our Strong Password Generator by Business Booster Agency is a secure password generator that will provide you with an awesome level of your data and account safety.

How to have a strong password?

If you are creative enough you can create a strong password by yourself. Otherwise, to have a strong password you should use this strong password generator or almost any similar, but not ones that create a simple short password (i. e. this one is good, but by default generates quite short passwords. If you are a developer, this will not be a problem to change this option to an adequate length).

How to remember a strong pass­word?

To remember a strong password you must have a trained memory, If it is hard for you to instantly remember a password i. e. 16 characters long, you can use our Strong Password Generator by Business Booster Agency and start creating 6-character passwords, even without special characters. Then you go to the next level of memory training and forward up to desired password length. But also there is another decision - to outsource this work to password storage that can securely store all of your strong passwords.

Can a strong pass­word be cracked?

To crack your strong password hackers use different software that in only a second try out millions of alternatives. But if you create a good password that is complex enough and is long, you can be sure that it will not be cracked (maybe only if that hacker is an incredibly lucky person) as it will take thousands and even millions of years for any software to crack such a strong password.

How do hackers get your pass­word?

Even if you generate a good password that contains 50 characters of all kinds this is still not enough. Hackers may use phishing and other software to break your safety. To avoid this you should use antivirus and antimalware programs as they will increase your safety by scanning incoming mail, avoiding archives opening, and deleting suspicious installers.

How to remember all my passwords?

If you have multiple accounts and are unable to keep all the passwords in your memory -  you should use password storage. Such software can be offline and in-cloud, personal or for business (as well there's a decision for Managed Service Providers).

Are pass­word managers safe?

The level of a password manager's safety depends on many factors. This includes the development company (is it trusted or not), where the passwords are stored (software's server or your drive), and how easily you can access your password storage. Of course, there are many more important features. To find out more about how this software works, you can read out the PasswordBoss features page.

Can I ask you a question about this or other tools of your Free Tools Network?

Yes, of course. Simply send us an email to We try to answer all the questions on our websites' pages (FAQ and blog ones) so we will send you a link if the answer to your question already exists or will keep it in mind. Psst. Here's an inside: Business Booster Team works on a questions and answers blog, but this will be not a kind of Quora but a collection of popular questions and researched answers, so keep an eye on the Free Tools Network and Business Booster Agency websites to know when and at what domain this blog will appear.

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